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  • Raadvad bread slicer Chrome (Large)


    Original Chrome Bread Slicer from the Danish brand Raadvad. The Raadvad has a sharp stainless steel blade. This makes it ideal for cutting bread. Place the bread on the wooden board. Then the guillotine simply cuts a slice in the thickness you want. It is also possible to cut cheese, vegetables and meat. Nowadays, Raadvads are also used for decoration in, for example, the Horeca, Pastry Shops and Specialty Shops. This is how he has found his place as a stylish eyecatcher. In addition to its functionality, the design of this bread slicer makes the Raadvad a true Danish classic

    This Raadvad is about 50 years old, for that reason we ask you to view the photos carefully. This gives you a good impression of the condition of the bread slicer.

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