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Beach in Denmark

Welcome to Scandinavian Lamps, where our journey began in 2017, fueled by a passion for vintage Scandinavian design. It all started with a trip to Denmark in search of vintage treasures. During this journey, we were introduced to the enchanting world of Scandinavian lighting. Back in the Netherlands, our fascination for these unique lamps grew rapidly.

Our quest led us back to Scandinavia, this time with a specific purpose: to discover exquisite vintage Scandinavian lamps. And thus, our journey into the world of lighting began.

Our Mission

Since then, we’ve been dedicated to importing a unique blend of vintage home accessories and lamps directly from Scandinavia. In 2020, we established our online store, Scandinavian Lamps, focusing exclusively on Scandinavian lighting. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to bring the beauty and timeless elegance of Scandinavian lighting to homes around the world.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Over 500 vintage lamps in stock: We curate an extensive collection of carefully selected Scandinavian lamps, ready to find a new home.
  • Worldwide shipping: Whether you reside in Amsterdam, New York, or Tokyo, we bring the Scandinavian lighting ambiance to you, wherever you are in the world.
  • Personal Contact: As a family-run business operating from our home, we offer flexible hours and are always available to answer your questions and assist you.

Our Passion

Our journeys to Scandinavia are the highlight of our work. Every two months, we embark on adventures, seeking hidden treasures in businesses and even the homes of friendly Danes who share our love for lighting. These travels not only bring us closer to the lamps but also to the people and places that have inspired these luminous creations.

Our Dedication to Authenticity and Quality

When we return from our travels, the real work begins. We disassemble almost every lamp, inspect each component, and ensure everything works perfectly. Some lamps even undergo a modern powder coating to rejuvenate their appearance. However, we will never paint or alter a lamp ourselves. The lamps we acquire are in good condition, and any signs of use are clearly documented in photos, giving you an honest portrayal of the lamp you’re purchasing.

Restaurant Museum Haarlem

Our Impact:

Since launching our website, Scandinavian Lamps, we’ve had the privilege of delivering to customers in more than 20 different countries. It remains extraordinary to package a lamp that will find a new home thousands of kilometers away. Moreover, we’ve had the opportunity to support various projects, including collaborations with the museum in Haarlem, as well as several stores and restaurants. We love brainstorming with our customers about possibilities and frequently search for specific lamps on their behalf.

Explore Our Collection

Curious about our offerings? Click here to explore our complete collection and discover your own piece of Scandinavian design.

At Scandinavian Lamps, we are passionate about bringing the warmth and style of Scandinavian design into your life. We hope you enjoy exploring our collection and look forward to helping you find the perfect Scandinavian lamp for your home or project.

Thank you for being part of our adventure!

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