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We place new Scandinavian products on the site every week. All our lamps come from Scandinavia. We only sell vintage lamps and collect them ourselves. The lamps are then cleaned and, where necessary, supplied with new electricity. We do not repaint the lamps. This means that the lamps may have paint damage. Please view the photos carefully to get a good impression of the condition of the lamps. We offer different types of lamps.

Hanging lamps

A hanging lamp often forms the basic lighting in a room. Although mood lighting adds warm accents, basic lighting is indispensable. You can think of the pendant lamps that are based on a reflective multi-screen system. In this way the light is distributed over several discs. This allows the light to shine both horizontally and downwards. This principle is reflected in Louis Poulsen’s lamps, among other things. The shells are often painted white on the underside, so that the light distribution is soft and even.

Magnetic lamps

These Space Age magnetic lamps designed by Benny Frandsen and produced by Abo Randers from the 1960s. Thanks to the magnet in the base, the hood can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The iconic design of the lamp has now become a Mid-century Danish design icon!

Ceiling spotlights

Louis Poulsen Magasin Ceiling spotlight 143204. This luminaire is an example of minimalist lighting technology. The anti-glare ring prevents direct dazzling from the focal point of the light source, with optimum light distribution downwards. The Light is distributed over the ceiling, creating different patterns

Trumpet lamps

The base of this fixture corresponds to the iconic Semi lamp by Fog & Morup from 1967. This model was also carried out by various other manufacturers. This pendant lamp has a beautifully refined and organic shape, in which the shape of the lamp flows into the cord. The model of this lamp is also called trumpet lamp or witch’s hat.

Raadvad bread slicers

In addition to lighting, you will also find Danish bread slicers from the Raadvad brand on Scandinavian lamps. The Raadvads have a sharp stainless steel blade. This makes them extremely suitable for cutting bread. Place the bread on the wooden board. Then the guillotine simply cuts a slice in the thickness you want. It is also possible to cut cheese, vegetables and meat. Nowadays, Raadvads are also used for decoration in, for example, the Horeca, Pastry Shops and Specialty Shops. This is how he has found his place as a stylish eyecatcher. In addition to its functionality, the design of this bread slicer makes the Raadvad a true Danish classic.