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Scandinavian brands

Scandinavian design is popular like never before! The Danish Design brands in particular are very popular in lamps, furniture, accessories and fashion. What is the secret behind the great success? Is it the old classics from the heyday of the 1950s that still keep Denmark at the forefront? Below I take you on a journey back in time to take a closer look at Danish design.

In the post-war period, there was again fertile ground for designing, developing and producing. Everywhere new initiatives flourished and the creative forces were expressed.


Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen are among the best of the time and their designs have actually only become more popular. The designs originated with the idea of ​​creating well-crafted furniture that was accessible to the general population and that should last for years. Classics like The Ant, the Y-chair and The Egg were popular back then, but the designers probably had no idea how popular they would be years later!

Poul Henningsen designed the first PH lamp in 1926, but it was not until the PH5 lamp, produced in 1958, that the PH lamp became public property. The lamp was an immediate success due to the revolutionary screen shapes, which provide spectacular light. Danish design brands became synonymous with modernism and functionalism.

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